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Positive story telling platform

About us

My Africa is a digital platform that shares innovative ideas, impactful stories and successful development models to stimulate growth and inspire action throughout the African continent.

We live, understand and witness the potential of the last emerging market on planet earth, which is why investing in its biggest resource – citizens is the golden bullet to transforming the continent and elevating Africa out of poverty for good.

Through the power of storytelling, we aim to change the perception of Africa amongst both its citizens and the world at large as it heads towards achieving the sustainable development goals in Africa for Africa.  My Africa inspires, motivates, supports and shares positive news to stimulate action for developmental goals that improve people’s lives. We believe that successful interventions are worth sharing because we as a collective are working towards the same set of goals.

Reporting positive stories, provoking thoughtful and respectful debate and showcasing topical events, My Africa is placing the spotlight on citizens, civil societies, captains of industry and governments who are demonstrating leadership to achieve a healthier, more secure and productive continent.